Blacklisted Online Casinos

Updated: | By: Frederick Worsham

Our experts spend hours reviewing the latest casino sites to find the best online casinos for Australian players. However, during their review process, they occasionally come across destinations that cannot be recommended. If the standard of these rogue casinos is bad enough, we blacklist them and heavily discourage our readers from playing on them.

These blacklisted casinos are the worst online casinos available and have often been flagged for a variety of major issues that severely impact your gaming experience. In this article, we’ll be covering the criteria our experts use when blacklisting a casino, as well as a list of our blacklisted casino sites.

Our Blacklist Criteria

Our online casino experts work from a list of approved criteria when evaluating the latest casino sites. These criteria ensure we only recommend the best casino sites to our readers. If our experts find that a casino fails to meet the basic expectations, that casino is blacklisted.

Here is a list of reasons why our gambling experts can ban an online casino:

  • Unsafe: If a casino does not take adequate measures to secure your funds or data, the site will be on a no-go list. This could be anything from having an unencrypted website to failing to meet basic data protection standards.
  • Unlicensed: We only recommend the best licensed casinos to our readers, so it’s an immediate red flag if a site does not have a valid licence. Unlicensed casinos are a hotbed for rigged games and online payment problems. If a site cannot meet the standards for an online casino licence, it is blacklisted by our experts.
  • Unfair Terms and Conditions: While some casino T&Cs may be hard to meet, there’s an expectation that the rules for bonus offers are fair and possible. If a casino does not offer fair conditions to its players, it gets blacklisted.
  • Withdrawal Issues: A significant factor leading to the blacklisting of a casino is persistent withdrawal issues. When players encounter difficulties in smoothly and conveniently cashing out their winnings, or when a casino unjustly withholds funds from its players, it results in the addition of the casino to our blacklist.
  • Poor User Reviews: Assessing the quality of an online casino can be effectively done by reviewing user feedback. If the casino’s visitors consistently report issues such as difficulty accessing funds, account lockouts following significant wins, or similar problems, it serves as grounds for blacklisting the site.
  • Poor Customer Service: Untrustworthy gambling sites frequently employ subpar customer service teams to hinder the resolution of issues they generate. Effective solutions become impossible when users cannot file complaints about their concerns. Deliberately implemented by unreliable casinos, this tactic, combined with recurring issues, prompts our experts to include the site in the blacklist.

Blacklisted Casinos

As part of this article, we want to highlight the casinos currently on our taboo list to our readers. When playing at real money casinos, your chosen site must offer a safe, secure place to enjoy online gambling. By highlighting our banned casino sites and their issues, we hope to give an example of what to avoid when looking for your next gambling destination.

Each of the blacklisted casino sites casinos in the list below has been assessed by our experts and deemed untrustworthy. Take a look below for a detailed explanation.

Menteri Casino

Menteri Casino has earned its place on our blacklisted casino site list due to its illegal operation under a fraudulent licence. An online casino licence assures players that a casino adheres to specific standards. The use of a counterfeit licence by Menteri Casino indicates a failure to meet these standards, demonstrating a willingness to deceive its players.

We firmly believe that a casino resorting to dishonesty about its licensing status does not deserve trust. Consequently, we have included Menteri Casino in our blacklist.

AmigoBingo Casino

AmigoBingo Casino is one of the worst offenders on our list. There are several reasons why it was added to our blacklist, all of which add up to a miserable experience for anyone unfortunate enough to join.

The enormous red flag of AmigoBingo Casino is that it operates without a licence, which means that it is not held to any standard of security or integrity. This casino also has very low maximum withdrawal limits, making it hard to make a cashout. Players have also found that the casino applies limits to progressive jackpot winnings, further restricting your ability to access your funds.

Finally, the casino may confiscate money from dormant accounts, punishing players who want to take a break and keep their money in their accounts.

Gold Cup Casino

Gold Cup Casino has found its place on our blacklisted casinos rating due to two significant issues identified by our experts. Firstly, we encountered difficulty validating the casino’s licence. Verifying casino licences should typically be straightforward, as gambling authorities maintain a database of licensed sites. If a site’s ownership cannot be verified, it raises concerns about the legitimacy of its operations, suggesting a potential illegal function.

The other major issue flagged about Gold Cup Casino is that it may confiscate funds from dormant accounts, making it risky for players to deposit funds. Any accounts that have not been active for 6-12 months risk having their money confiscated.

Ares Casino

Ares Casino has three major infractions, which have led to it being blacklisted by our experts. The first and most severe reason why the site has been blacklisted is that it operates without an active licence, meaning that it is not held to any sort of security or safety standards. Unlicensed casino sites often have rigged games that are altered to favour the casino.

The site also has an unfair maximum win rule in its bonus terms and conditions, based on the amount of deposits a player needs to make to trigger these bonuses. The casino has a maximum win limit of €100 but allows players to deposit thousands to claim bonus funds.

Ares Casino also has a “No Reaction Policy” for complaints. This makes it nearly impossible to resolve an issue, and any complaints will go unanswered.

Spin&Win Casino

Spin&Win Casino has a variety of issues that have earned it a spot on our blacklist. The biggest one is that it operates under a fake licence, undermining your trust in the casino.

Spin&Win Casino also uses pirated games taken from legitimate casinos and altered to give unfair results in the casino’s favour. These sites use the legitimate brand names of well-known games to lure players into signing up, only to trick players out of their money.

Finally, the casino has unfair bonus terms and conditions that it routinely enforces. Examples include forcing players to use their deposit money before their bonus funds, low maximum win amounts, and the right to modify or discontinue the promotion without prior notice.

100pudov Casino

100pudov Casino’s biggest problem is that it currently operates without a licence. As a gambling authority does not regulate it, it is not held to any basic standards. This means it is free to provide unfair games, unfair terms and conditions, and other predatory practices without repercussions.

100pudov Casino may also confiscate funds from dormant accounts, giving further reasons why players should avoid this site. This casino also operates without a customer support team. This means that any complaints you have about the casino will go unanswered, and any issues with your funds will not be resolved.

Grand Spin Casino

Grand Spin Casino is another online casino site currently operating without a licence from a respected gambling authority. Gambling sites without licences are not under any obligation to provide a safe, secure, or fair gaming platform, which makes them inherently riskier than licensed casino sites.

Several players have also flagged this casino as a scam site due to account issues that players have raised. Grand Spin Casino will limit or freeze a player’s account and then ask for payment to process withdrawals or unblock your account. Even upon payment, Grand Spin will not unblock players’ accounts, leaving them in the same position.

Luckily for players, Grand Spin Casino has closed down and is no longer operating.


Unfortunately, many casino sites are looking to scam their players. Some will do anything to get your money, whether exampling, such as the Gold Betting payment problems and Mighty Slots payment problems, or casinos running rigged software.

After reading about so many rogue casino sites, it can be hard to trust online casinos. However, after reading this article, you’re now familiar with which casinos to avoid at all costs! So, if you’re looking to play real money pokies in a safe casino environment, choose from our selection of the best casino sites — you won’t be disappointed!

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