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This page on the website has the purpose of clarifying the liability of the department to the visitors and/or any other party that utilises the information. Before you proceed with any other sections of this website, you’re advised to thoroughly review the disclaimer. In case you have issues, concerns, or disagreements with the notice below, you can always close the page. On the contrary, if you decide to view the contents of the web pages, you accept and agree to the terms below without any objections. This page is subject to updates. As a person using the content, it’s solely your obligation to check the page for updates.

Waiver of Liability of Actions Based on Content

All pieces of information you find on this site are strictly for entertainment purposes. Everything you read is website’s opinion. The content is posted on real-time data, maintaining as much accuracy as possible. In case you’re using the information portrayed on the website, you agree that you’re doing it at your own risk. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the department not be held accountable for any financial or other losses under the law. To further prove the point, we want to explicitly clarify that will not be liable for any loss that may have occurred to visitors based on the information posted. The only purpose is to provide information to visitors. Nothing you read on the web pages is meant to be any financial or other advice. To conclude, no accountability for any outcomes will not be held by our department on your end as the result of reliance on this site.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is the set of social responsibility initiatives by the gambling industry to ensure the integrity and fairness of their operations and to promote awareness of the harms associated with gambling, such as gambling addiction. is a gambling-related platform that serves information. Our department waives any liability to any invitation to gamble or to promote gambling. We highly recommend that you stick to safe gambling practices according to the law in case you decide to act on the provided information on the website. If you participate in online gambling based on the data provided on this site and incur a financial loss, will not take accountability for it.

Game Strategies Disclaimer

  • Apart from reviewing online gambling sites and games, also shares possible strategies for the games.
  • There is no scientific or research-based proof that these strategies will work. You should keep in mind that all the casinos have an advantage over the users, known as the house edge.
  • will not entertain any claims regarding the efficiency of the posted strategies by law.

Personal Information

It is part of our core values to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information that may have been collected during your visit. However, if the data is stolen or compromised, our site will hold no liability for the loss of this information. Any information you provide, you do at your own risk according to the law of your country. The links to promoted sites or informative sites can be found on and are owned and operated by 3rd parties. As these links are not under our control, our department will not take any responsibility in case any claims are made. By using the external links on this page, you agree that does not support or oppose any opinions portrayed by the site in question.

Updates to These Terms

At any point during operation, we have the right to make changes to the liability waiver page and terms of use. We will provide the date of the last update on a visible location on this page. Users are highly encouraged to visit back to become familiar with the latest notice.
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