Casino and Gaming Security Systems

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Casino and Gaming Security Systems

The entire casino industry is vibrant and perpetually bustling, with big money stakes exchanging hands or banks, so one would wonder – how is everything kept safe?

As you can imagine, casinos – both land-based and online casinos, have to implement strict layers of security to ensure that no unwanted third parties can penetrate their security system and obtain valuable and sensitive player information.

Keeping a casino secure is a very complex process, so how do top gambling operators do that exactly? Let’s check out how casinos keep their players clear from fraud.

Types of Challenges of Land-Based Casino Security

Well, at the start, we can say that security threats can come from everywhere! However, the entire casino industry would not be so developed and active for so long if it didn’t have answers to all these challenges. Let’s observe some common problems and what measures casinos take to prevent them.

Card Counting & Malicious Activities

Preventing card counting and any form of cheating is very hard. The casino’s staff needs to be able to identify who attempted or successfully managed to cheat the casino – this is the first step in ensuring that it will never happen again.

By cheating, players can cost a casino big chunks of money, so it is vital to ensure those individuals are identified before leaving the facility.

Casinos are places where huge amounts of money change hands at a breakneck pace, so the challenge here is to detect such scammers. This is where an HD video surveillance system comes in very handy. A reliable security system must be in place to monitor the entire casino space – gambling rooms, restaurants, bars, and hallways.

Specialised cameras are needed here, and Unified Systems is the frontrunner in this field. This is an award-winning company in the area of HD video surveillance, and it has partnered with casinos from everywhere in the world for a decade now.

Additionally, casinos attract large crowds, and very often, players use alcohol to accompany them while gambling, so it is easy for things to get out of hand at times. Therefore, a well-trained security team and good security systems will ensure that:

  • A potential problem is identified and taken care of before it occurs.
  • If some issue arises, a timely and swift response will follow so no one gets harmed.

Using Data Analytics Properly to Prevent Fraud

Data collected by casinos has valuable insights that, when harnessed in a good way, will enhance and strengthen the security measures of casinos.

Therefore, big data and advanced analytics can give a casino insights on almost anything – including a better understanding of customers to identify new opportunities and potential problems, such as:

  • Patterns of suspicious betting
  • Irregular card play
  • Anomalies in transactions
  • Customer overall behaviour

Gambling is all about numbers. For that reason, casinos have to turn to data analytics to make a better gaming environment for customers and keep casinos solvent as well.

The best gambling venues must rely on data analytics to determine how their customers spend money and which games are most popular. It is not just the casino floor; resorts can use data analytics to study which hotel, spa, or restaurant amenities attract customers the most. This way, the security system and team will shift from reactive to proactive – identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Speaking of data analytics, we must mention Synectics Global – a company offering various security solutions to casinos, including in-built analytics.

Thanks to all the reports and alerts that come with integrating Synectics Global’s system, every casino is always on top of any security challenge – or opportunity, for that matter.

Regulations and Compliance

As casinos are hubs of significant financial transactions and gambling activities, they are always subject to strict directives from gambling regulators. They have to adhere to compliance standards set by each regulator in the world, with arguably the most rigorous example being the UK Gambling Commission.

However, don’t just consider this compliance a legal obligation for the casino. It also protects against fraud, theft, and other security threats the casino may face.

All this means that the casino must ensure that all technologies and protocols are up-to-date with legal standards, and Pelco is the security company that comes to mind first here.

It provides a video surveillance system built around stability and backup, achieving regulatory compliance and operational integrity. Pelco’s line of security cameras will provide casinos with the best coverage of gaming floors, according to their needs.

Most Common Types of Cyberattacks in Casinos

We now live in a world where technology plays a key role. It has impacted every aspect of life, but some challenges also require overcoming.

According to some relevant studies, every 14 seconds, a company falls victim to a cyberattack – roughly 4,000 attacks every day. The online casino industry has not been immune to this unwanted trend, so let’s consider the most common cyberattacks and how they can be prevented.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service, is common in online gambling. This type of attack exploits the limitations of a casino’s website by inundating it with numerous requests, causing disruptions and preventing it from functioning normally.

Casinos’ web servers have a limit on the number of requests they can service at the same time, and when this figure exceeds the limits, the website will work slower than usual, and users will be ignored.

In the past decade, we have seen a staggering 807% increase in DDoS attacks, which surely rings alarm bells to casinos. One of the many ways to prevent them is to implement real-time and adaptive threat monitoring. This log monitoring can help you locate potential threats by analysing:

  • Traffic patterns
  • Traffic spikes
  • Anomalous requests
  • Malicious protocols
  • IP blocks

Port Scanning

Another typical attack in the online gambling scene is called Port Scanning. As the name suggests, ports are openings that services on a casino’s server use to communicate with each other. Some are kept open, while others — are closed for the casino’s site to function correctly.

Online gambling platforms can be vulnerable to these attacks due to improper configuration. Some servers have default passwords and open ports when a new casino launches.

If the team does not change it, it is easy for a hacker to gain complete control and ransack the servers for any data they wish.

Therefore, a casino here requires robust security software, alerts, and port scanning tools to prevent such attacks – something that 2WinPower offers. One of the benefits casinos get with 2WinPower is casino management software that eliminates the risk of such malicious attacks.


We can now get to one of the most severe and sophisticated cyberattacks – ransomware! This attack is among the most destructive, with notable instances targeting government institutions such as the UK National Health Service and major corporations in the past.

The biggest ransomware payout was made by an insurance company — $40 million — so casinos can face this very serious attack.

It works pretty much like this – a hacker will get a program onto the casino’s network and then run an encryption program. Once all files get encrypted, there is no way of accessing them. The only outcome here is for the casino to pay cryptocurrency for the attacker to unlock the files.

Some standard practices online casinos can implement to prevent such attacks are:

  • Educating employees about safe practices
  • Don’t allow users to install software apps on network devices
  • Backup all data
  • Update the software regularly
  • Be cautious about email links

Social Engineering

Moving on to what is arguably one of the most underestimated forms of cyberattacks that online casinos can encounter – social engineering. This type might involve strategically placing a USB stick in an office with the hope that someone will use it, thereby infecting work computers. Ensuring essential staff training is crucial in preventing such attacks from succeeding.

Phishing and Spoofing

Phishing is linked to social engineering, involving hackers creating deceptive emails or other forms of communication mimicking those used by casino employees. In this tactic, the attackers impersonate someone else in the contact, persuading the employee to input credentials into a fraudulent website.

We have encountered some worrying numbers that say that nearly 90% of cyberattacks start with phishing. Hence, the casino needs to train its personnel not to open unofficial outside links or emails.

5 Best Casino and Gaming Security Companies

Now that you’re well-versed in the security threats casinos encounter, let’s highlight some companies that can assist gambling venues in enhancing their protection against fraud. Our thorough evaluation leaves no stone unturned, considering factors such as reputation, service offerings, partnerships, and more.


Company Name Pelco
Headquarters California, USA
Founded 1957
Services Security cameras, recording and management systems, and video analytics software

We cannot overlook Pelco, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and development of predictive video security solutions:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Recording systems
  • Security software

With over 60 years in the market, Pelco has established itself as a trusted presence, and this longevity is no accident. Offering a diverse array of world-class products and systems spanning various industries, including online gambling, Pelco stands out as the ultimate choice for casinos seeking top-tier video technology. Their advanced technology guarantees elevated levels of system resilience and a reduced cost of ownership.

Unified Systems

Company Name Unified Systems Inc.
Headquarters British Columbia, Canada
Founded 2001
Services Access control, analytics and data integration, commercial alarm, video surveillance, key management

Up next, we have Canadian Unified Systems Inc., one of Canada’s most prominent integration and service companies.

It specialises in design, installation and of course post-installation support on security solutions. The video mentioned above, surveillance, personnel training, analytics, key management and more are at the heart of Unified System’s operations.

It serves a multitude of industries, ranging from government systems to casino security systems, all under the unified banner of a single logo. Their ethos goes beyond mere security; they are dedicated to solving broader business problems.

Calder Security

Company Name Calder Security
Headquarters Yorkshire, UK
Founded 1976
Services Alarms, CCTV, access control, safes, key cutting, lock & safe shops
Calder Security

Calder Security has been operating in the UK since 1976, so its longevity speaks enough about the company’s reliability. Its reputation is aided by the fact that:

  • It is part of the Master Locksmith Association.
  • It is an approved Member of the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board.
  • Safe contractor registered.

Of course, the company must also conform to all British and EU standards when security is in question, so you can expect the best solutions from extremely qualified and knowledgeable engineers. Each member of Calder Security’s team is able to recommend and design security solutions appropriate to any company’s needs.

Synectics Global

Company Name Synectics Global
Headquarters Yorkshire, UK
Founded 1985
Services Security and surveillance, IP cameras, cloud evidence locker, COEX cameras

Synectics Global is also a company founded in the UK, and its growth over the past few decades has been nothing short of impressive. It started as a surveillance technology R&D house that had one aim – to develop new technologies that would help several industries.

Fast-forward to the present day, Synectics is a leader in advanced security and surveillance systems, serving several industries:

  • Casinos
  • Education
  • Oil & Gas
  • Stadiums
  • Transport

Thanks to Synectics HD video surveillance, you will get rapid verification on threats, so nothing can go undetected.


Company Name 2WinPower
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Founded 2001
Services Casino & Sportsbook software

Lastly, we have 2WinPower, a company specialising in developing casino software and slot games for mobile and desktop computers. It is the perfect pick if you are looking for custom-built software or games for online gambling.

This company has existed for more than two decades and offers various services like:

  • Turnkey online casino
  • White label
  • HTML5 online slots
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Bitcoin casino software
  • eSports
  • Lottery
  • Casino games

Simply put, 2WinPower allows you to start a successful online gambling business quickly and effortlessly.


Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of any business nowadays, including gambling. The best gambling venues and online casinos in the world implement the best security practices mentioned above, so no player can fear for their or their sensitive data’s safety!

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